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Why upgrade at one Traffic Exchange and surf to get a few hundred views in that same site when you can add a Campaign and show your site to hundreds of exchanges throughout the Cooperative?

The ONLY system on the internet that guarantees every view you get is unique! *

AND the ONLY system on the internet that allows you to autopost to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups **

* Based on the Anti-Cheat Cooperative that only deducts views when a user has not visited the page twice in less than 5 minutes.
Applies to all users viewing the cooperative traffic delivery page. Repeat visitors in a 300 second timeframe are not counted as uniques!
Commission is recorded from the sites launch on 23rd Feburary 2016.

** To use the Social Posts feature you simply add your title, description, link and optional image. The system will then post your link to select facebook groups as well as twitter accounts.

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