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I am unable to log into my account
Last Updated 7 years ago

This can happen for a number of reasons so please make sure you have tried everything below before contacting support:

  1. Try resetting your password
  2. Remember that to login you use your username and not your email address
  3. Passwords are case sensitive so please make sure you enter your password correctly.
  4. If your account is showing as not being activated but you have not received the email then please request a password reset link. This will also activate your account.
  5. If you cannot remember your username then please contact support and provide the email you registered with and we will send you your username information.
  6. If you are unable to receive the email you may need to re-register the account using a Gmail email address to ensure the email is received.
If you have tried all of the above but still cannot access your account then please contact support however due to security we are unable to reveal passwords or edit them.

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